ivatos, is your mirror.
Look for the truth.
It is there to be found.

About ivatos

Readings with the guidance of ivatos

Toss the signs on the map of consciousness and let them reveal your inner workings. Use the book of interpretations to clarify the meaning of the toss.

ivatos is as old as consciousness..

..and as current as the one who throws the signs. Developed through study and meditation by Gari Gold Richardson, ivaots is at the nexus of memory and intuition.

What to expect

ivatos will bring clarity of the present, greater understanding of the past and allow a window to the future. 

ivatos described

ivatos will connect you to your intuition

We all have it, we don't all use it. Become familiar with your inner guidance. Call on your knowing for greater trust in yourself in decision making.

ivatos connects you with your heart source

Sometimes a word salad makes more sense internally than more concrete concepts. ivatos excels in abstractions that bring an internal sense of connection and peace.

ivaots is 7 signs, a map and a book.

Physically, ivatos is 7 metal pieces that you toss on a paper map with a book to explain the meaning of each sign in each area of the map.

ivatos signs are you, your energies. The map is how you perceive the world around you. Together, what takes form is a multidimensional picture of you. Seeing these elements clearly and outside yourself sparks a knowing that is magical and brings about change through this understanding.

Currently available in two sizes

Signs are made in a petite .75" and a grand 1" overall size. Availabe in pewter and in bronze. The signs are also made in sterling silver and gold by order. 

The signs are powerful glyphs for healing and can be worn or carried to that end. ivatos jewelry pieces are available and will be on this site Soon. Look for AncientVisions on Etsy for some designs for now.

ivaots cards

Available soon, on this site in our Metaphysical Store. The cards access the same infinite pool of inner wisdom as the signs. They are in the final process of production. Pre orders are welcomed.

Schedule with Gari for your reading

By phone, in person or by email. Send a message as to what you prefer. See also the button below for a menu of offerings.

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To order the ivatos book of interpretations, enter the price of 55.00 and make a note for large or small signs. Or, go to etsy.com and visit my store, Ancient Visions.



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