ivatos reflects your inner story. Consult the oracle and what surfaces are poems, long held thoughts, values, and memories along with your interior wisdom that is unique and yours alone.

Within each of us is a well of knowledge and wisdom. It is our inner guidance, our sixth sense and spiritual awareness. Call it what you will, we are guided by our senses through the birth canal and then to our final moments on earth when we are released from our earthly frame.

ivatos ignites our inner knowing and brings it more forward into consciousness thought. Our inner guidance is available to help in decision making, and helps us in understanding what is taking place around us. With greater confidence in our spiritual being even tough decisions are easier.

Like reading tea leaves, ivatos is open to interpretations. Like finding the truth anywhere, when you find it you know it. The truth is unmistakeable.


As deep as the sky, older than the ocean.